The 140 Character Job Application Form

Have the days of filling out laborious job applications been replaced by the wonders of Twitter? A 6-page form, complete with additional attachments, substituted by 140 characters on a computer screen?

Social media isn’t just a method of communication anymore, it can also be a way of getting a job.
That’s how Joanna Geary ended up working as Web Development Officer for The Times…a title which even she isn’t clear of its meaning.

As a digital journalist, communicating with the reader is paramount. So it’s not all doom and gloom for new-age journalism, you can serve your audience better. If you know who is accessing your material then you can suggest other options for them.

So, although Murdoch’s pay-per-view news will reduce traffic to your site, the ability to interact with your reader will surpass that worry.

For Geary, it’s never been about blog statistics as these are not indicative of people engaging with your stories they’re simply people who pass through and may not even acknowledge what you’ve written.


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