Communication is Key

Being a Technology Correspondent isn’t about knowing the intricate details of the latest gadgets, or living your life in cyber space searching out the next invention to take social media by storm.
Being a Technology Correspondent, or indeed any correspondent, is about being able to communicate with your audience and tell them what is going on in the world. Understanding how something works and being able to explain that to your listeners is more crucial than being able to name the latest digital terminology.

Rory Cellan-Jones, Technology Correspondent for the BBC, started his lecture by dismissing the cliché reference to ‘The Golden Days’ as “bollocks”. He cited that before the internet revolutionised communication, reporters were unable to interact with their audience. There was a lack of original journalism where broadcasters simply churned out material from the morning’s newspapers. He declared that journalism was done badly – as well as lacking in creative content the absence of graphics and movement meant reports lacked visual creativity too.

Although statistics may show smaller audiences are tuning in to hear the News at Ten, digital journalism has resulted in a more fragmented audience who are actively involved in contributing to news pieces.
By reflecting on internet statistics journalists have the power to challenge the professionalism of their editors and persuade them of a story’s worthiness.

Yes, journalism is changing. But at the heart of it still lies the importance of story-telling and being able to communicate key ideas with your audience. And if anything, technology is improving our ability to do this every day.


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