No-one Knows Where Journalism’s Going…But They Never Have

It’s refreshing to hear a lecturer stand up in front of you and not ask why you’ve signed up to a journalism course, or utter the (terribly clichéd) phrase: ‘it’s a perilous time for journalism. Who knows where it’s going?’ Not me. I don’t think I’ve heard such an overused expression since I was encouraged to ‘think outside the box’ back at school.

But then Daniel Meadows isn’t exactly your everyday university professor. In 1973 the self-professed hippie took off around England in a double-decker bus. No, not as a passenger – hopping on at one stop and off at another – the man bought a double-decker bus. He converted it into a dark room and drove all over the country taking portraits of people he met along the way. 30 years later, with the help of local newspapers, he tracked down his subjects and took new portraits.

Since then he has taken inspirtion from California’s Centre for Digital Storytelling and set up audience workshops across Wales teaching people to be inventive with their memories and interact more with the world around them.

That’s right, he actually encourages the audience to interact with the media and make their own tv. Rather than live in fear of what the future will bring in terms of the audience becoming the producer, Meadows tackles the situation head on. He teaches digital photography skills to others and helps them to capture their memories on-screen in imaginative ways.

His alternative approach to story-telling emphasises his excitement around the ways media can develop. So maybe it’s not such a perilous time for journalism. No-one knows where it’s going…but they never have.


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